Facebook Ads Mastery (BETA)



The Facebook Ads Mastery course has been designed especially for e-commerce and personal brands.

During this course, you will learn:-

  1. The biggest mistakes to avoid when using paid ads
  2. The Facebook Ads Strategy and Funnel
  3. How to prepare for success
  4. How to set up your systems and processes
  5. How to set up each campaign
  6. Campaign Optimisation
  7. Campaign Analytics

How Will This Course Be Delivered?

You are not alone! You will learn by following a step-by-step video series and learning ads so that you can plan and execute your strategy.

The value is on our live weekly Q&As and training.

This is a unique and high-value training course run by a Facebook Ad Specialist for E-commerce.

Member benefits include additional trainingincluding,  “how-to’s” and real-life success case studies.

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