Facebook Ads Mastery


Ready to reach larger audiences on Facebook and Instagram?

Ready to build and scale an e-coommerce business of your dreams?

Save literally thousands in agency fees or trying to DIY your Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Ads Mastery course has been designed especially for e-commerce and personal brands.

During this course, you will learn:-

  1. The biggest mistakes to avoid when using paid ads
  2. The Facebook Ads Strategy and Funnel to grow and scale profitably
  3. How to prepare for success and win the auctions
  4. How to set up your systems and processes to enable  you to make the best decisions
  5. Which campaigns to set up and how depending on where you are with your business
  6. Campaign Optimisation – killing off nonperformers and scaling winners
  7. Campaign Analytics – how to make good decisions
  8. What IOS 14 is all about and what you need to do about it.


Who Is This Programme For?

This is not one of those “cookie-cutter” courses that leave you alone to get on with it.

This is a Mastermind for serious entrepreneurs who know what it takes to grow and scale their business.

This is for e-commerce brands who want to invest their marketing budgets sensibly and not give 50% to agencies, who don’t really care.

This is a program for people who understand that learning by “doing” gets you ahead of the game.

This is for business owners who know, that strategy wins over tactics.


How Will This Course Be Delivered?

There are 7 modules consisting of video lessons, action points, and study guides.

The value is on our live weekly Q&As so you should make every effort to attend!

Additional member benefits include ad hoc training, access to real-life case studies, and up-to-date news from Facebook & Instagram.



Can I start today? Yes – people inside our Circle work at different paces. You will always receive ongoing support from within the community and during our member Masterminds.

How long do I get access to the course? – Access to the course and Mastermind support is for one year from the date of joining. You can renew your membership at a member discounted price in year 2.  We will notify you before your 12-month term ends.

Do you offer refunds? – No, sorry we don’t because we know this program will deliver as promised.


This is a unique and high-value training program run by a Facebook Ad Specialist for E-commerce, who is in the trenches achieving results.

We’d love to have you onboard

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